“Instant Learning Method”

Dancing in Riverside’s 

“Instant Learning Method”

Do you ever wonder why learning seems so difficult and time consuming? 

It doesn’t have to be!

There is a better way to learn!

Dancing in Riverside's Instant Learning Method is the best way to learn how to dance in all of the Inland Empire

The “Instant Learning Method” allows anyone to learn how to dance quicker and easier than the traditional “Rote” methods of memorization.

Through many years of cutting edge scientific and medical research, Dancing in Riverside has developed a unique method of learning how to dance known as the “Instant Learning Method” (I.L.M. for short). The main thing that sets this learning method apart from others is that it maximizes the mind/body connection with an emphasis on the student’s personal experiences.

The “Instant Learning Method” also embraces the three different types of learning; auditory, visual and kinesthetic. This way everyone can learn with the format and context that is best for the individual.

Most importantly and most valuably, the “Instant Learning method” contains easy to understand techniques that teach you how to “learn smarter” so that you can learn more material in less time.

All of Dancing in Riverside’s private lessons utilize the “Instant Learning Method” to some degree. However, to really learn how to harness the true power and potential of this method of learning, we recommend that you take both of our “Instant Learning Method” Private Dance Programs.

Instant Learning Method Level 1

Five-hour course

• Learn multiple styles of dance of your choosing

• Introduction to the Instant Learning Method

• Learn how to “Learn Smarter”

• Learn how to communicate with a partner through touch and movement (Leading and Following)

• Receive a personalized practice routine for you to develop the necessary skills to dance better sooner

Price: $350

Mention code: (I.L.M. Level 1)

And you pay only $300

That’s right, we are currently offering a $50 discount just for taking the time to read this far in your search for a better way to learn how to dance.

Instant Learning Method Level 2

Five-hour course

• Learn more dynamic techniques to dance any style of dance with any person regardless of their level of experience.

• Introduction to “Experiential Learning” and building “Muscle Memory”

• Learn how to write your own “brain code” so that you can learn anything more effectively and more efficiently.

• Receive a Level 2 practice routine for you to continue to master your developing skills.

Price: $350

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