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One of the most common questions that we hear from beginning dancers is;

“what is the best way to learn how to dance and how do we get started?.”

Many beginning dancers just don’t know how to get started and what is the best way to learn how to dance.

We wanted to make the process of starting out on the right foot as easy and effective for you as possible. That’s why we have packaged together all of the essential tools for you to learn how to dance well and we are giving it away for FREE!

Dancing in Riverside’s Beginning Dancer and new student starter kit includes:

FREE 1st Private Dance Lesson

FREE 1st Group Dance Class

FREE Friday night Group Dance Class & Dance Party

as well as a copy of

The 7 Keys To Dancing Success!

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Another common concern that we hear often from the beginning dancers is;

“I wonder if I will be able to keep up with the rest of the people in the group dance class.”

You can rest assured that all of the beginner level dance classes at Dancing in Riverside are designed with the beginning dancer in mind. That’s why all of our beginning dance classes focus on the basic patterns as well as the necessary techniques for you as a beginner to be able to dance these new patterns quicker and easier.