The 8 Questions That Wedding Couples Want To Know About Wedding Dance Lessons

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At Dancing in Riverside, we understand how busy and stressful that planning a wedding can be. That’s why our professional wedding dance teachers will guide you through the process to help you create the vision of your wedding dance. Regardless of how much dance experience that the two of you have, we will be able to help you create that perfect wedding dance. Here are the 8 questions asked by wedding couples about wedding dance lessons.

1. Should we take private dance lessons or group dance classes?

Private lessons offer a more personalized learning experience than group classes do. One-on-one couples dance instruction allows for the Teacher to customize your dance lessons according to your particular learning style and pace of learning in order to make sure you get the most out of your private dance instruction.


2. What are the differences between private wedding dance lessons and regular private dance lessons?

Private wedding dance lessons are personalized dance classes that have a single focus of helping you create your wedding dance vision.  With our private wedding dance packages, we offer wedding dance consultations so that we can create personalized wedding dance choreography that fits into the vision of your 1st dance and wedding budget. Our non wedding private dance lessons focus on social dancing which is a great way to get some of the relatives and bridal party to learn a few dance moves before the wedding reception.


3. Is the wedding dance package pricing per person or per couple?

The pricing for the private wedding dance lessons is per couple. Not only does the package price include both of you, you can also rest assured that the private wedding dance lessons is guaranteed to be the lowest in all of The Inland Empire!


4. How far in advance of the wedding should we start taking our wedding dance lessons?

Depending on how complex you are hoping your first dance to be, we generally suggest coulee try to start their choreography 4-6 months before the wedding. This allows for you to commit your dance to memory as well as give time to rehearse and practice your dancing. Your big day can sometimes be stressful so it is always good to make sure you eliminate things to worry about.


5. What should we bring to our first dance lesson?

If you already have your song picked out it is best to bring it with you either on your phone, iPod, cd, or some other audio device that we can plug our sound system into.


6. Can we do more than 1 style of dance in our lessons?

Compilation wedding dances are always fun, and we would be happy to help you make that happen! Something to keep in mind when planning these out is often different songs means different dance styles and can therefore take longer to prepare for. You will want to give yourself time to schedule a few more lessons than it would be for one song/dance style.


7. Will we have the same instructor every lesson?

Of course! Since your professional wedding dance specialist is in charge of creating your wedding dance vision with your personalized wedding dance choreography. It is possible for you to have your wedding dance lessons with your wedding dance specialist or you can have lesson with any or all of our professional wedding dance instructors.  If you would like, you also have the option to book all of your appointments after your first lesson, or you can book lessons each week. It is our goal at Dancing in Riverside to be as flexible as possible so that we can help with your busy schedules and wedding budget.


8. What if we don’t have a song picked yet?

If you don’t know what song you’re doing just yet, don’t worry! Feel free to browse our extensive wedding dance music library. We have wedding dance song lists that are categorized by type so you are sure to find that perfect wedding song for your perfect wedding day.