The 8 Most Frequent Questions asked about Wedding Dance Lessons

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The 8 Most Frequent Questions asked about Wedding Dance Lessons

1. Should we take private dance lessons or group dance classes?

Although group dance classes at Dancing in Riverside will teach anyone the essential techniques of dancing with a partner, your wedding dance will require a more personalized type of dance lesson. For a successful wedding dance performance we highly recommend private wedding dance lessons. At Dancing in Riverside, you will not only have a private lesson but it will be with one of the best wedding dance choreographers in The Inland Empire! In addition to that, all of our wedding dance packages are guaranteed to be the most affordable in The Inland Empire!

2. What are the differences between private wedding dance lessons and regular private dance lessons?

All Private lessons at Dancing in Riverside are not only guaranteed to be the most affordable but they all utilize Dancing in Riverside’s revolutionary way of learning known as The Instant Learning Method. Your wedding dance lessons will be taught by one of the best wedding dance choreographers/instructors in The Inland Empire. Your wedding dance specialist will help you take your wedding dance vision and show you both how to turn it into reality. There are many things to consider in order to have a great wedding dance experience. Your wedding dance specialist is there to make sure that everything is prepared so that your wedding day can be exactly how you envisioned it. We recommend that you contact us at (951) 680-9780 and mention The FREE Wedding Starter Kit! It is not only jam packed with essential tools for your wedding, but it also has a FREE first wedding dance consultation where you will meet your wedding dance specialist and they will guide you through the basic techniques for your wedding dance.

3. Is the wedding dance package pricing per person or per couple?

The Wedding Dance Package pricing covers both of you! Don’t forget to request your FREE Wedding Dance Starter Kit which includes: a FREE Private First Dance Lesson, a FREE Private Father/Daughter Dance Lesson and a FREE Private Mother/Son Dance Lesson.

4. How far in advance of the wedding should we start taking our wedding dance lessons?

There are many factors that go into how much preparation time is needed. For example, do either of you have any dance experience? How long do you want your wedding dance performance to be? What degree of difficult do you envision demonstrating during your wedding dance performance? Don’t panic and relieve the wedding stress by having your experience wedding dance specialist guide you through the process as they have done for so many others before. Included in the Wedding Dance Starter Kit is some testimonials from real customers describing their experiences with their Wedding Dance Specialist.

5. What should we bring to our first dance lesson?

You don’t have to bring anything but yourselves to your first wedding dance lesson. Your wedding dance specialist has all of the tools necessary to help you create your perfect wedding dance experience. If you already have a song pick then bring it, if you don’t then your wedding dance specialist can help you pick a song from Dancing in Riverside’s extensive wedding dance song playlist. If you have the shoes that you will be wearing then bring them too. Any details about your day that you already have will help your wedding dance specialist prepare you for your perfect day.

6. Can we do more than 1 style of dance in our lessons?

Not only can you do more than one dance style during your first dance, but your wedding dance specialist can help you create whatever that you envision.

7. Will we have the same instructor every lesson?

If you would like the same wedding dance specialist for all of your dance lessons, that will be arranged. If you would like input from our team of elite wedding dance specialists, then that can be arranged. Our goal at Dancing in Riverside is to provide the tools and flexibility to be able to help everyone have a great wedding dance experience.

8. What if we don’t have a song picked yet?

Don’t worry if you don’t have a song picked yet! Dancing in Riverside has thousands of wedding dance songs for you to choose from. Bride and Groom Songs, Father/Daughter Songs, Mother/Son Songs, Bridal Party Songs and much more. When you enroll on one of Dancing in Riverside’s wedding dance packages, you will have complete access to our music library.

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