The 7 Essential Keys To Your Dancing Success

Whether you are a first time beginning dancer or an advanced professional dancer, reading and applying these 7 essential keys to dancing success will help you produce a higher level of success in your dancing endeavors.

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Dancing Success Key #1 take private lessons

Learning how to dance is a journey that will change your life and will be filled with many triumphs as well as challenges. A great private lesson instructor will help you avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes of a beginner and streamline your learning process so it’s as easy and successful as possible. Think of your private lesson instructor as an experienced guide who will help you develop a plan for success as well as help you achieve your goals. Many people fall into the trap of learning how to dance without the private lesson guide and quickly get lost and frustrated. Don’t let this happen to you!

Dancing Success Key #2 Attend Group Classes

Group classes are an ideal setting to learn how to adapt your valuable private lesson techniques and concepts with a variety of partners. Classes are usually focused in one dance in order to promote muscle memory through repetition. Group Classes also focus on your ability to dance various patterns and techniques on your own as well as with a dance partner. This technique will help your improve your balance and stability when you dance with a partner.



Dancing Success Key #3 attend dance parties

Social dance parties are a simulated “real life” dance scene where you apply what you have learned in your private dance lessons and group classes. It is here that you will test your skills and reveal your progress along with what techniques still need to be developed. This will allow your teacher to adjust your private lesson material as well as give you new goals to focus on in your group classes.


Dancing Success Key #4 warm up routine

It is important for you to develop a warm-up routine that allows you to optimize your mental and physical condition in order to maximize your learning process. Use this time to review techniques covered in your previous lessons and mentally prepare for what you will be working on during your upcoming private lesson. You will also want to clearly identify any questions that have arisen from your recent dance experiences so that you can address these questions with your one on one instructor.


Dancing Success Key #5 cool down routine

A post lesson process will not only allow you to bring you heart rate back down to a resting pace, it will also allow you to change your mind from cognitive mode into metacognitive mode. This will allow you a chance to fully process and to understand the information covered during your dance lesson. It is between here and your next that you will convert cognitive information into a deeper state of understanding through what is called metacognition.



Dancing Success Key #6 practice perfectly

Practice can be the best or the worst thing you could do for your dancing depending on how you do it. We have all heard the saying “practice makes perfect” but we teach that “practice makes permanent”. Simply put, your brain memorizes whatever you practice. If you practice incorrectly then your brain memorizes that inaccuracy. Your private lesson instructor will help you develop proper practice techniques to ensure that your learning process is as efficient and effective as possible.


Dancing Success Key #7 choose the right studio

Choosing the right dance studio is one of the most important decisions that you will make in regard to learning how to dance. This decision can literally be the difference between success and failure. We have known countless students who have spent thousands of dollars learning detrimental techniques to their body’s well being due to inexperienced instructors teaching what not how. It is critical that you evaluate what is important to you and base your decision on research. There are many choices when it comes to dance lessons but there are very few that offer the kind of environment that is necessary for students to succeed in really learning how to dance.

Now that you have read the 7 Essential Keys To Your Dancing Success, make sure that you have the rest of your

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