Riverside California Dance Lessons |New Student Special|

New Student |Dance Lesson Specials|

Two options for new students at Dancing in Riverside

At Dancing in Riverside, we know that the first step can sometimes be the most difficult. We wanted to make that step easier for you. One of the best ways to do this was to create the

GREATEST introductory Dance Lesson offer in all of the Inland Empire,


Dancing in Riverside's Price Match Guarantee Image

That’s right, with the comfort of Dancing in Riverside’s Price Match Guarantee on your side, you can confidently choose one of our introductory Group Dance Class Specials:

5 Group Classes for $5

(That’s ONLY $1 Per Dance Class)


10 Group Classes for $19

(That’s ONLY $1.90 Per Dance Class)

Group Classes at Dancing in Riverside are never more than $5 per class. There are however a number of ways to pay less than $5 per class such as; our Unlimited Group Class Membership or our Student/Veteran Group Class Membership. Be sure to talk to your group class teacher and they will show you how to take advantage of all of the services and discounts that Dancing in Riverside has to offer.

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