Lose weight through Dancing and a proper diet

Lose weight through

Dancing and a proper Diet!


According to the CDC, Two Thirds of all Americans are considered to be overweight or Obese.

A recent study that was published in Volume 8 issue #3 of the Journal of Applied Research, suggests that the combination of a proper diet and a regular dance program could be the key to shedding those extra unwanted pounds. The study was conducted by the Department of Physical Therapy at Loma Linda University in the city of Loma Linda California.

The researchers combined a sensible diet with a 1 hour a day

dance program and here is what they found!

After 10 days, the top 10% of the group reported

  • 7.5 pounds lossed
  • 3.2 inches lost from the hips
  • 28.6% increase in the core muscle strength

These results were achieved by only eating right and commiting themselves to dancing 1 hour per day. Loma Linda University’s conclusion was that it was the combination of a good diet with a regular dance program that was the key to having such successful results.

Mete Pete and Michelle Lakin who lossed a total of 196 pounds with Diet and Dancing!

Thank you to Dr. Jerrold Petrofsky and his entire team of researchers at Loma Linda University in Loma Linda California for helping us understand better the relationship of being healthy through dancing.

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