Group Dance Classes

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Group Dance Classes

Group dance classes consist of a group of students that can range in numbers, from 6 students to 20 or more, and one dance instructor. Our group classes are only $5 each or can even be less per class by enrolling on our monthly group class membership! In a typical group class at Dancing in Riverside, we will teach 2 to 4 patterns in whichever style that the class is learning. In addition to learning those individual patterns, we also will teach you how to be able to instantly use the patterns in any social setting. We teach a variety of classes such as Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Salsa and much more. We also organize our group classes so that the group classes are specifically designed to the level of the dancer. Below you will find a description of the various level of classes that we offer. We pair our students up after going over the leader’s and the follower’s footwork separately, and rotate our students so that they experience learning new steps with more than one partner.

The benefits of participating in group dance classes are:

Exposure to a variety of dance styles and patterns.

No partner is required to participate in our classes.


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  • Picking the right group class to attend can definitely be tricky without the proper guidance. We do our best to offer level appropriate classes to fit the needs of every dancer in all levels of their progression. We use the DVIDA (Dance Vision International Dance Association) syllabus as a basis for group class instruction, and we offer many different levels of Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced classes.
  • Listed below you will find our group class pricing as well as a brief description of each level so that you can choose the level/class that fits you best!
  • Newcomer
  • This class is designed for first time dancer. There are no pre-requisites for this class and you do not need to bring a partner. We break down the basics at a slower pace so even the dancer with no previous experience can feel comfortable.
  • Beginner (Pre-Bronze)
  • These classes are perfect for those with little to no previous ballroom dance experience. During these classes, you will learn a few basic patterns as well as some variations. By introducing the steps in an easy to understand way, students will learn the basic fundamentals of blending patterns, timing and lead andor follow. These classes are also helpful to those who would like a little more time with their basic steps before they move up, or to practice a newly learned technique or variation on their basic footwork and turns.
  • Intermediate (Intermediate Bronze and Full Bronze)
  • These classes are for those that have previous dance experience andor have completed the beginner level classes for that particular style of dance. These classes are designed for the dancers who are comfortable with their basics and ready for technique. Concepts like arm styling, connection, footwork and alternate timing are emphasized. These classes move at a faster pace and cover more material, helping you smoothly bridge levels between beginning and advanced and easing the transition between Bronze and Silver.
  • Advanced (Silver)
  • These classes are best for those that are ready to take their dancing to the next level and are designed to satisfy the needs and goals of the “serious” ballroom dancer. Heavy doses of technique, styling, and advance fundamentals of dance accompany intricate step patterns that are intended to make the advanced student a standout on the dance floor. Most, but not all, of the students in these classes participate in performances andor competitions and have a full appreciation for ballroom dancing not only as a fun form of recreation, but also as an artistic form of self expression, as well as a demanding physical activity.

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