Group Dance Class Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about

Group Dance Classes


Do I need a reservation for group dance class?

You do not need to register ahead of time in order to attend any of our group classes. All you need to do to get started is pick the first dance class you wish to attend from our group class and dance party calendar.

What do I do if I have a Group Dance Class Voucher?

You do not need to register ahead of time, but you do need to either print your voucher or have it available on your phone for us to redeem on your first visit.

What should I do to prepare for my First Visit?

Please be prepared to come 15 minutes prior to your dance class start time. When you arrive, we will have some light paperwork for you to fill out. Please be sure to bring any pertinent papers with you such as gift certificates or vouchers. We will also help you enroll on any class packages you are interested in and collect payment. After that we will get you acquainted with our sign in sheets and give you a quick tour of the studio so you feel comfortable knowing where your class will be held.

What should I wear?

Many of our students wear office casual attire for class, any comfortable casual attire will do. Ballroom and Latin dance shoes are preferred but any shoe with a leather or suede bottom will allow for proper foot movement on the dance floor. It is highly recommended to avoid wearing flip flops or sandals, as well as any rubber bottomed shoe like sneakers.


Do I have to attend the same group dance class every week?

You do not have to attend the same dance class each week. Please feel free to sample any number of group classes you would like. However, if the group class is labeled as a Series class, then it is best to attend the first week and stick with it for the month since they build each week.

Do my group dance classes expire?

Your group dance classes do not expire and are saved on your account until you are able to take all of them. If you are on a monthly class package then the unlimited dance classes are valid for a 30 day period.

Do I need a partner?

You are not required to bring a partner with you. We rotate partners several times in class so that you get a chance to practice with all types of partners.

How long are group dance classes?

All group dance classes are 45 minutes in length with the exception of Monday’s Swing Classes which are 60 minutes in length.

How much do group dance classes cost?

Our a la carte rate is only $5 per person, per group class, but if its your first time to the Dancing in Riverside dance studio, we encourage you to try one of our New Student Group Class Specials listed on this page.