The History

The foxtrot was developed in the 1920s, and named after the Vaudeville actor and entertainer Harry Fox.Harry Fox, inventor of the Foxtrot.  As part of a show at the New York Theatre, he did ‘trotting’ steps to ragtime music. This became known as “Fox’s Trot.” As this dance was refined, it evolved into an elegant smooth dance.  During the 1930s to the 1940s, foxtrot was more popular than any other dance around.  Today, foxtrot is still one of the most popular dances of all time.  When rock and roll debuted in the 50s, record companies labeled several songs as ‘foxtrots’ because they were unsure of what style of dance could be applied to this type of music. “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley and His Comets is considered to be the best-selling ‘foxtrot’ of all time.

The Foxtrot basic from Dancing in Riverside foxtrot basic man's part

the basics of Foxtrot from Dancing in Riverside the Foxtrot Basic Lady's part


The foxtrot is a very beautiful dance to watch. It looks somewhat similar to the waltz—highly smooth and graceful, with a ‘rise and fall’ action. It is danced clockwise around the dance floor, with a variety of both slow and quick steps. Although the steps do have different rhythms, foxtrot has an extremely fluid look, giving the illusion that the dancers are ‘gliding’ across the floor.  There are two styles of foxtrot—International Style and American (or English) Style Foxtrot.  American Foxtrot is viewed as more of a social dance, while International Style is seen more frequently in competitions.


Foxtrot is often danced to big-band style or swing type music with 4/4 timing. The basic rhythm for Foxtrot is ‘slow-slow-quick-quick’. Generally, dancers will take longer steps on the ‘slow’ counts and smaller steps on the ‘quick’ counts. There are certain steps where the rhythm is syncopated, such as a weave. A dance weave involves 6 steps all with a ‘quick’ rhythm. The foxtrot can be danced to many songs with varying speeds, but most foxtrots are danced to music with 120-140 beats per minute.

  • Foxtrot  Songs Maddest  Kind  Of  Love
  • Charmed  Life
  • Why  Don’t  You  Do  Right
  • Oh  Look  At  Me  Now
  • How  Sweet  It  Is  -­‐  UPTEMPO
  • I’ve  Got  The  World  On  A   String  -­‐  UPTEMPO
  • Let’s  Fall  In  Love  (Feat.   George  Benson)
  • Fly  Me  to  The  Moon
  • Love  You  I  Do
  • warm  and  willing  -­‐   UPTEMPO
  • Business  of  Love
  • Come  On  Strong
  • Daybreak  -­‐  UPTEMPO
  • Wedding  Bell  Blues
  • Call  Me  Irresponsible  -­‐   UPTEMPO
  • Meet  Me,  Midnight
  • Sing  A  Song
  • Nobody  But  Me
  • Just  In  Time  (With  Dave  Koz)
  • The  One  I  Love  Belongs  to   Somebody  Else
  • Call  me  Irresponsible
  • My  Baby  Only  Cares  for  Me
  • Orange  Colored  Sky
  • You  Make  Me  Feel  So  Young
  • This  Will  Be  an  Everlasting   Love
  • There’s  a  Rainbow  ‘Round   My  Shoulder
  • Summer  Wind
  • Smells  Like  Teen  Spirit
  • Ain’t  That  a  Kick  in  the  Head
  • I’m  Beginning  To  See  The   Light
  • The  Way  You  Look  Tonight
  • Come  Fly  With  Me
  • Moondance
  • Please  Be  Kind

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