Dances and types of application

There are not only many styles of dance, but there are many applications of each of the particular dances. For example, you might dance a Salsa or a Cha Cha in a social, competitive or a performance style. Knowing a little more about these different applications will help you choose which ones are right for you.

 Social Dancing


Social dancing is designed to develop poise and confidence on the dance floor. Its primary objective is to strengthen the individual’s leading or following ability to the point that no matter who your partner is, you will feel physically and mentally confident. The patterns used are generally suitable for smaller floors and so is the arm styling. Advanced styling is not the primary objective of social dancing.

Showcase Dancing


Showcase dancing is a means of developing one’s ability by spending concentrated time on one or more dances. Preparing a showcase routine is very beneficial for developing confidence, style, pattern knowledge and smoothness. This type of dancing is very stylized and much of the time is spent on footwork, technique and the character of the dance as well as the personality of the dancer. Once the routine is complete, one feels they have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and confidence in a relatively short period of time.

Competitive Dancing

Dance Competitive DanceSport at Dancing in Riverside


Competitive dancing combines the skills of both the social dancer and the showcase performer. Like the social dancer, competitors must maneuver, maintain poise and adjust to the various conditions surrounding them while having all of the flare, style, technique and precision of an exhibition dancer.

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