Benefits of Dancing

Benefits Of Dancing

You may be able to guess the most commonly talked about benefits from dancing like: Improved Posture and a stronger Cardiovascular system. Did you also know that learning to dance can allow you to burn more calories in less time? How about the fact that dancing on a regular basis can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia by up to 76%?

The list of benefits that dancing provides is seemingly endless but they can be categorized into 3 major categories.

Physical Benefits

While we might think of dancing as an art form first and foremost, it also offers a wide range of physical benefits such as cardiovascular conditioning, spatial awareness development, and better balance. Hitting the dance floor also strengthens bones, improves posture and increases muscle strength, tone, and flexibility. Because dancing is such a fun and social form of physical activity, you can easily forget that while you’re swing dancing or practicing your bachata you’re also burning some serious calories. The really exciting part about calories is that the better dancer you become, the more calories per minute that you can burn. So, learning how to dance helps you to burn more calories in less time!


 Mental Benefits

What you may not have realized is how many mental benefits there are to dancing that other forms of exercise simply don’t offer.

Frequent dancing, much like regular Sudoku puzzles, reading, or playing a musical instrument, is associated with the prevention of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Dancing-makes-you-smarter-image-web-size-300x225In his 2010 article¬†“Use It or Lose It; Dancing Makes You Smarter,” Richard Powers notes that you can get the most mental benefit from dances that require split-second decisions, such as Ballroom and Latin dances. Additionally, dance is a wonderful mood enhancer and has been linked to reducing depression and increasing self-confidence.


Social Benefits

It comes as no surprise that social dancing also offers a wide array of social benefits, such as community, improved social skills, and opportunities to meet new people. Dancing is also a wonderful outlet for stress reduction. As poetry in motion, dance invites us to become the art ourselves rather than just produce it. Other forms of physical activity also have their aesthetic appeal, but dance has soul!
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Benefits of Dancing in Riverside
Dancing makes you healthy.























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