Beginning Dance Classes in Riverside California at Dancing in Riverside

Beginning Dance Classes at Dancing in Riverside are entirely designed with the beginning dancer in mind. Beginning dancers are often concerned with things like dance lesson availability, cost and the effectiveness of the product that they are buying.

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1) As far as availability goes, at Dancing in Riverside, we offer a beginner level group dance classes every night of the week that we are open! For beginning level private dance lessons, we have both afternoon as well as evening appointments available every day of the week that we are open.

2) When it comes to cost, our beginning, intermediate and advanced dance classes are less expensive than any other dance studio not only in Riverside, but in all of The Inland Empire!


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If you find a dance studio in The Inland Empire that charges less than we do, we will match their price!

3) The quality of the product is probably one of the most important factors to consider when you are learning how to dance. At Dancing in Riverside, we use a revolutionary method of learning known as

The Instant Learning Method.

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This method of learning is based deeply in dance science which allows an absolute beginning dancer to be able to dance effectively in no time!

For those of you that would like to advance to become an intermediate dancer but do not have the patience to allow this growth to happen naturally in group dance classes, we recommend that you take the

“Fast Track To Intermediate Level Program”.

This dance program is a private dance lesson package which means that you will be working individually with a professional dance instructor to understand the key components of becoming an intermediate level dancer.

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